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Print shop items are fulfilled and shipped out of Portland OR, while Merch shop items are automatically fulfilled from a print shop near you. Each store offers its own variety of products, and the carts can not currently be combined.

See the FAQ below, and use the chat feature if you have any further questions!

Art Shop FAQ

Why two stores?

Having two stores allows me to sell a greater range of products, as well as set different promos.

What's in the Print Shop?

A variety of prints, cards, stickers, and downloadables, all fulfilled thru Oregon-based businesses.

What's in the Merch Shop?

Posters, framed prints, totes, pillows, and other accessories fulfilled through a third-party vendor nationwide.

Are there any sales happening now?

Sales will have a banner at the top of each page, and any coupon codes are announced via instagram, twitter, or patreon.

Why can't I combine my order?

Due to how each product is fulfilled, they have their own checkout processes. I will update this page if that changes!

Do you offer refunds?

Nope! However I will exchange your product if it arrives defective, after an exchange of proof.

I want a print from the gallery, but don't see it in the shop. What do?

Just shoot me a message with what you want to order and I'll either create a listing, or we can do an email/ paypal transaction.

Do you do commissions?

Absolutely! Send a message and we'll talk!